Competition Rules

Competition Committee  

The Committee shall agree the format, arrange and control all club competitions. The Committee shall be made up of the Club Chairman, Men’s and Ladies’ Captains, Fixture Secretary and Treasurer. An emergency sub-committee shall consist of any three members of the committee; the decisions of the committee shall be final and binding. The Committee may, at its discretion, delegate the arranging and control of a competition to a member of the club.
Handicap Committee

The Committee shall decide the handicap of each club member based on the Handicap Criteria agree by the Committee. The Committee shall be made up of Head Coach (Chairman), Men's and Ladies' Captains and one other coach to be decided by the Chairman. An emergency Sub-Committee shall consist of any 2 members of the Committee, the decisions of the Committee shall be final and binding.

The competitions shall be open to all full members of the club. Entry shall be by the completion of the official entry form and accompanied by the appropriate entry fee, closing date for entry shall be the 1st April.
Players entering must be available for the finals weekend which is normally 2nd or 3rd weekend in September. The draw will be made and completion dates set for each round by the competition committee.

Players not winning any of their first round Singles games will be eligible to play the Singles Plate competition unless they have played more than one game in the Bucks Cup/Plate or Trundell competitions, or have won a Singles competition, including the Plate, in the last 3 seasons.


Games will be played under the laws of the game adopted by the World Bowls board in accordance with the bye laws and regulations currently laid down by Bowls England. 

Four wood singles shall be 18 shots to win.  

Two wood singles shall be played over 21 ends

Pairs shall be 21 ends with four bowls per player

Triples shall be 18 ends with three bowls per player. 

Match Arrangements

The challenger (being the first name on the competition draw sheets) must offer the opponent within 72 hours of the opening date of each round at least three dates to play, one of which must be a Saturday or Sunday.

The opponent shall within 72 hours of receipt of the challenge reply accepting one of the dates offered. If a challenge has not been made within the specified period, the opponent shall endeavour to contact the challenger before submitting a claim for the game.


The time for commencing a tie shall be mutually agreed but no player/team shall be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6 pm on Monday to Friday or 3pm on Sat or Sun or no later than 6.30 on any day.

If a player/team fails to appear and be ready to play within 30 minutes after the agreed time for the tie, the opponents  my claim a “walkover”.

No alteration of an accepted date shall be made, unless mutually agreed, upon failing such agreement the player/ team desiring such alteration must play on the accepted date or give a “walkover”. Semi-finals matches to be played after 17:00    

Choice of Rinks

The club shall make available a minimum of two rinks, but when more than two ties are to be played, the number of rinks made available shall be equal to or more than the number of ties to be played. If several games are to be played at a similar time, but one is to start in advance of the others, then the first game must draw from sufficient rinks for ALL the games. The opponent shall draw a rink from the rinks available.    

The two players taking part in the first game of a Drawn Pairs competition shall be considered the original team and they should normally play together throughout the competition. If a substitute is required the remaining player must refer to the competitions committee for them to find a replacement. The player selected will be as near to a comparable standard to the player being replaced, has not already played in the same competition and is a member of the club. The substitute player can play in any position.

In the event of no decision being reached in a match owing to exceptional weather conditions, inability to arrange or rearrange a fixture before the completion date, the score in uncompleted matches in which five ends or more have been played will stand as the result. A match not started and matches in which less than five ends have been played will be decided by the toss of a coin, or by mutual agreement between the players or both players/teams may be eliminated from the competition.


Scorecards must be signed by each player/skip and put in the box provided. 
January 2021