Tuesday Triples most Tuesday Afternoons throughout the season

To put your name down to play click on the BOOK TUESDAY TRIPLES button below, select the match and follow the instructions in red. 

To cancel a booking click on the booking  and select the dash mark in the drop-down menu.

 The latest time to book: Sunday midnight - the selected teams will appear on the sheet below on Monday and the sheet for the following week will appear. 4 rinks on the main green and 2 on the artificial green will be used  limiting the numbers to a maximum of 36.

To return to this website press ← or  x  on the LHS of the mtach booking form.

The request or playing confirmation should appear in the sheet below within 5 minutes

If a drop-down menu does not appear then try signing into a google account wsbowls.members@gmail.com with the same password used for the members only page. 


There is a tablet in the clubhouse available for bookings.

Any problems contact:

Text: 07733231059 or

Email: webmaster@wsbowls.co.uk


  • Arrive 1.45 for 2.00 pm start

  • Dress – Greys

  • 18 ends, 10 ends have to be played to count

  • No trial ends, one shot on first two ends

  • Players can play in any position (teams to decide)

  • Team members of both sides score 1 point for each end won.

  • Winning team score an extra 5 points.

  • Drawn Games – Both sides score an extra 3 points.

  • Best score in eight games to count.


Scores will be updated weekly and shown on the website In COMPETITIONS Tab in Main menu


Trophy for the Winner

Woburn Sands Bowls Club Ltd.  Company Number: 8071783, CASC 05549